Our Mission.

Macklind Business District was established to promote and connect businesses and residents in the surrounding area as a unified and harmonious community. Our aim is to create an atmosphere to will businesses to be less static by meeting residents where they are through community engagement, and pooling resources to bolster the aesthetic appeal of the neighborhood.

Our Objectives.

➤  To promote business’ growth within MBD.
➤  To attract new business growth.
➤  To increase regional awareness of MBD.
➤  To connect businesses to the community.
➤  To maintain a business directory.
➤  To organize and promote events.

Our Representation.

Macklind Business District’s chartered area (since it’s inception in 2007) covers all of Southampton and a great portion of Princeton Heights. It goes south from Chippewa to Loughborough, and east from Hampton to Kingshighway. We also work with businesses on the border of the chartered area at our and the individual business’ discretion but we try to keep the scope of our focus within the chartered area (see figure below).