Prioritized Pastries

We are proud to be St. Louis’ only exclusively Vegan and Gluten Free Bakery because when we say Pastries For All, we mean it!

Started in 2017 by Chef/Owner Alex Feick, who brought our unique concept of all-inclusive baking to the Tower Grove Farmers Market, we have spent the last few years gaining a following of the worlds best and most loyal customers by providing nostalgic flavors, custom bakes, and Prioritized Pastries to all!

In our dedicated Vegan, Gluten and Peanut Free facility, located in the beautiful South Hampton neighborhood of South St. Louis City, we are fulfilling our mission of re-imagining the pastry experience by providing high quality pastries to everyone regardless of dietary restrictions, allergies and lifestyle choices.

We use many locally sourced ingredients from sustainable purveyors and certified organic and gluten free products from trusted businesses and companies.

We work together with businesses and consumers to craft each pastry, dessert and custom cake with care and pride for each unique request, and never shy away from a challenge.